1. Find three OAELP members who are interested in forming an affiliate group in a designated geographic region.

2. Request an OAELP Affiliate application from the OAELP Board of Directors.

3. Upon receipt of the papers, read through the guidelines, meet as a group, and elect at least three officers, including President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

4. Fill out the application for establishing an affiliate. All elected members must sign the application and provide the information requested. Only dues paying members of OAELP may be members of a local affiliate. Non-members may attend meetings and workshops, but will not vote, receive newsletters or serve as representatives to the OAELP Board of Directors.

5. Send in the application to the designated OAELP board member, Kelly Skopil.

Email Kelly  kskopil@ymcacw.org

6. An acknowledgement will be sent to the correspondent once the Board of Directors has approved the application and recognizes it as an official OAELP affiliate in the state of Oregon.

Become an Affiliate